What are your funding priorities?

What are your funding priorities?


-$10-$15 billion, if fully-funded

-Levies: we cannot force school districts to rely on local levies to pay for teacher salaries and basic education expenses. This bakes inequity into the system - those districts that are property-rich will always be able to pass levies; those that are property-poor or bedroom communities will always struggle.

-Cost-of-living increases: many educators have gone for years without a cost-of-living increase. How can we expect to hold onto existing teachers when we are not compensating them to match inflation? Especially with the teacher shortage, this is a must!

-Small class-sizes: to make this a reality, the state must provide money for capital projects to build the additional classrooms required, as well as provide incentives to attract the many new teachers needed to fill additional classrooms.

-All-day kindergarten: if we want to close gaps for children, we have the greatest opportunity at the beginning of their K-12 experience. We must invest where our dollars will have the greatest impact. 

-Pay for at least two state training days: not all districts have the resources necessary to pay staff for professional development, and yet professional development and time for collaboration are critical if we want to improve instruction and support for students.

-For the future: block grants for districts to leverage to provide unique support for the non-academic needs of students (training in trauma-informed practice, mentoring, PBIS, restorative justice) AND free, quality early childhood, beginning with our most vulnerable populations (low-income students and recent immigrants must be our first priority) AND infrastructure to meet the tech needs of our rural/remote schools.