Teacher Evaluation

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Effective teacher evaluation is critical to the success of all public schools and should not be punitive or used as a mechanism to “oust” teachers. Rather, evaluation should serve to help teachers identify their strengths and needed areas of growth. Evaluation should be a way to celebrate success and a tool to ensure teachers receive the support and coaching they need to become their best selves.

Student test scores should not factor into teacher evaluation for a variety of reasons:

  • Not all content areas are tested, so connecting test scores to evaluation is not an equitable way to evaluate.
  • No single educator holds sole responsibility for how a student performs on a test: every teacher impacts student learning, not just the teachers whose subjects are covered by the test.
  • Using student test scores as a measure of evaluating teachers, discourages talented educators from wanting to teach students that have some of the highest needs.

As Superintendent I will:

  • Work with teachers, principals and district executives to review the current state evaluation process to ensure the process is effective and determine needs for additional support and training.
  • Continue to advocate for evaluation based on multiple measures and observation, not student assessment scores. This is why it is important to me that we slow down the Every Student Succeeds Act feedback process to hear from as many as possible about how we as a state want to measure student progress.