Charter Schools

I have spent the last 24 years fighting for all students, and that is what I will continue to do as State Superintendent. My focus continues to be improving our public school system by advocating for funding, promoting innovation, bringing what works for students to scale and clearly communicating with educators, families and community.  The legality and options for charter schools are in the hands of the Court, which will weigh in again soon. As State Superintendent, I will enforce the law, because I am committed to serving all students. 


The charter school debate has devolved into an endless political and legal battle that is not contributing to our shared goals and common purpose. There is too much at stake to be entrenched and divisive. My primary reason for running is to close the opportunity gap, which will require all hands on deck. We owe it to our kids to put aside our differences, work collaboratively and focus on what we can do!


As State Superintendent, I will:

  • Advocate for full funding of Basic Education.
  • Work with educators and testing experts to ensure we have a testing system that serves students, families, and educators, not demoralizes them.
  • Provide structures, strategies and supports to ensure equity and close the opportunity gap.
  • Promote innovation in school structures and models to ensure we meet the varied needs of students across our state.(Specifically school models like Tacoma's Science and Math Institute, Highline's Aviation High School, Vancouver iTech Prep, as well as other alternative learning environments) 


I want to tell the stories of what is working well across our state and nation, so we can replicate best practices and policies, AND eliminate the barriers that exist to accomplishing great work.