What’s a State Superintendent?

erin jones-superintendent

Did You Know?

The body of elected officials on the State Board of Education make recommendations to the State Legislature and to Congress about potential legislation impacting schools in Washington. The State Superintendent is not in charge of schools and school districts, nor is the position in charge of district superintendents.

Instead, the state’s superintendent job is to:

  • act as the primary advocate to state and federal governments on behalf of public school systems.
  • serve on the State Board of Education to determine graduation requirements and expectations for incoming teachers.
  • manage state and federal dollars directed to districts and schools.
  • evaluate the programs that receive federal dollars.
  • collaborate with other state departments to ensure programs work together smoothly.
  • communicate with Washington’s teachers union, the Washington Education Association, and other educator support groups to ensure as many voices are heard as possible when decisions are made.